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Calling all amateur sleuths and the well-connected!


We’ve lost touch with a number of our classmates. Are you an online sleuth? In contact with any of our missing classmates? Are you one of them!? 


Whether you can reach out directly or help us find information, we’d be grateful for any and all assistance. Our goal is to make our “Missing”  list as short as possible! That said, we also understand that some people simply *do not want to be found.* We’ll certainly respect that wish if that’s the message we receive. 


Please kindly send any good contact information – email, snail mail address, cell number – you have for the following folks to Jim Post at Thank you!

Laudy Akkaoui

Roxanne Assorgi

Ruthie Brown

Michele Daley

Diane Debow

William Dooley

Linda Emerich

Regina Emig

Michael Germano

Carla Giannelli

Kathleen Kelly

Timothy Kiriposki

Joseph Kocon

Christine Kolowitz

John Lane

Maureen Lees

Matthew Lesko

Richard Lichtenwalner

Eileen Loch

Jacquelyn Marsh

Joan McDonald

Timothy Melchior

Scott Miller

Michael Nguyen

Hiam Nimeh

Andrew Novak

Michelle Olsovsky

Stephen Papovich

Glen Recker

Margaret Rumpf

William Stein

Sandra Trevorah

Kimberly Unger

Kevin Vargo

James White

Laura Zweifel

Found Classmates!

Mark DiRomualdo

Rose Mertens

Larry Hillanbrand

Mary Sobieski

Edward Nolan

Lisa Lau

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